Couscous is an 18 year old black Quarter Horse gelding. He is as handsome as they get and he mainly serves as Miss Susann’s personal riding horse. Couscous is an excellent trail horse, level headed and a good partner. Over the last couple of years, he’s been introduced to ranch riding as well as trail obstacles which he both enjoys.

Couscous came to us green broke in 2017. After a scary accident in 2019, he recovered miraculously and has been the best equine partner anyone can wish for ever since.

His favorite pastime is hanging out with his girlfriend Rue and watching over the herd.


We met Spirit in 2018. Spirit was picked up from the Enumclaw feedlot a few years prior to meeting him, so we’re not sure of his age, but he seems to be around twenty. His breed is also not known to us, but our guess is a Quarter Horse cross of types, possibly with a Thoroughbred or Saddlebred. He was restarted under saddle by Sarah and has been trail ridden the past few years. He’ll be doing some light trail riding and lessons at the Wooden Horse – Rather than being Sarah’s primary riding horse – due to an old injury on his foot. 

He’s one of the silliest horses we’ve ever met, and is fond of licking people and clothes, and getting into all sorts of things, like walking into the tack room or unplugging the cords in the barn. He also loves to play and groom with his herd mates. When he’s not being silly, he’s busy bossing the other horses around and stealing their hay, or taking a nap in the sun.


Shadow is a boarder but he deserves an honorary post since he’s been with us for three years and we can’t even imagine not having him.

Shadow is turning 38 in May. Yes, you read that right: 38. He’s a Quarter Horse, Arab & Welsh pony mix and the patriarch of the herd. Not much one for shenanigans, he is keeping track of feeding times and making sure no one is leaving the premises without his approval. Shadow takes his herd responsibilities very seriously, you can often find him watching over one of his friends’ naps.

Age is just a number and you can still see him throw in the occasional canter if he feels like it.

He will spend the summer and fall up on the ranch but will come home for winter so we can keep a close eye on his feeding schedule and make sure he’s comfortable.

Please take a minute to say hi to him (don’t forget to bring a treat!) when you visit the Ranch!


Please meet Rue and her person Sophie.

Rue is turning six this year and she’s been with us since she was three. Her mom is a mustang from the Yakima Reservation but baby Rue was born in captivity. When Rue was born, she was a paint but over time her spots faded and she turned all white/gray. If you look closely though you can still see where her markings were.

Rue is the princess 👑of the herd. What Rue says pretty much goes (shhh… don’t tell that to the boys though 🤣). With 16.1 hands tall, she’s probably done growing this year.

Sophie has been doing a fine job of starting her under saddle as well as taking her to different places and out on the trails. Rue is a pro at trailering and trying new things.

Rue’s favorite pastime (aside from hanging out with her person) is spending time with her boyfriend Couscous. She’s always happy to meet you at the gate so take a minute to say hi to her when you visit the Ranch.


Meet Stella and her person Sarah ❤️🐴

Stella is a 12 year old Azteca, an Andalusian/Paint cross. Stella has a lot of personality and a soft spot for fillies and colts. Currently in charge of our mare herd at the Ranch, she makes sure everyone is in their designated spots come feeding time.

Sarah met Stella two years ago and soon after, the mare became a part of our herd. Between then and now, the two have done English dressage and trail riding and a lot of groundwork. Stella has become a level headed and kind mare with big moves. Out of all of us, she probably has the best hair, too 🤩

As Sarah’s personal riding horse, her main job will be to keep everyone safe and in line (literally) on trail rides. She’d love to say hi to you when you visit the Ranch and graciously accept treats 🤠