Hi! My name is Susann Hussels and I founded The Wooden Horse to bring Natural Horse lessons, training and boarding to the eastside of the Cascade mountains. My values are collaboration, not competition and to help each other.

I am passionate about improving your relationship with your horse – a better understanding leads to better communication, and you will be surprised that you will accomplish things you never thought possible!

Why The Wooden Horse, you ask?

I always liked horse carousels. When I grew up, my parents didn’t have the time nor money to pay for and drive me to riding lessons, let alone to keep a horse. So the next best thing was to get on a carousel horse whenever I could. After I had children of my own, I would take my daughters on many carousel rides when they were little (and I admit, I sometimes joined them on a wooden horse of my own).

So the name reminds me of my childhood and my lifelong dream of owning horses myself. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to turn my passion into a profession and my hope is to guide my students and guests in their journey of becoming better partners with our equine companions.