Susann riding a buckskin colored horse

At The Wooden Horse, we strive to work with horses in a way that emphasizes their strengths and helps them to become more confident in areas that cause them to worry. Warwick Schiller likes to say: “Connection before correction.” So before we can move on to the more physical aspects of training (correct movement and balance), we want to make sure that the horse sees us as a trustworthy partner. Our goal is to educate the horse so they can be the best version of themselves and a good partner to their human companion.

Groundwork is an essential part of our training program. It prepares horses for what’s to come in the saddle and it gives us the opportunity to observe the horse from a different perspective.

Once in the saddle, we focus on softness (both laterally and longitudinally) and the ability to walk, trot, canter on a loose rein before we take up that first soft feel.

We start at 90 days of training minimum. Pricing starts at $1,100/month + board. Please inquire below.

Our goal is first and foremost to lay a good foundation that, in return, allows the horse to go in any direction.