horse trainers near me in Cle Elum, Washington State

Helping Horses and Humans
become better partners

Through a holistic, horse centered approach to horsemanship, we help people become better partners to their horses. Located in beautiful Cle Elum, just over the Cascade mountains, we are close to the Washington State Horse Park. This gives us access to hours of trail riding, several large arenas and many horse events. Visit us on Elk Heights Ranch (I-90 exit 93 where the big metal elk stand in the pasture, follow the signs for the ranch up the hill).

Hi! My name is Susann Hussels and I founded the Wooden Horse to bring Natural Horse lessons, training and boarding to the eastside of the mountains. My values are collaboration, not competition and to help each other.

I am passionate about improving your relationship with your horse – a better understanding leads to better communication, and you will be surprised that you will accomplish things you never thought possible!

“I have known Susann for quite awhile, and am always amazed at her horsemanship. Susann has all the qualities of a good horse trainer and riding instructor: patience, knowledge, passion, natural horse instinct, and a constant enthusiasm to learn more.

Susann has a natural patience for training a horse. She is firm but nonviolent, and is always focused on the horse’s wellness. She is quick to recognize a horse’s strengths and weaknesses. She is a patient riding instructor, and has precise and clear communication with her students.

Her passion for horses is unbound. She is focused on training horses and students in the best methods of natural horsemanship. And she is always on the quest to expand her knowledge about equitation.”

Pauline M.

Why “natural” Horsemanship?

Training techniques that are based on so-called natural horsemanship principles look to establish a relationship with the horse that is based on trust and understanding rather than fear or intimidation. Which means that as humans, we seek to see the world through the horse’s eye rather than make the horse adapt to our behavior.

A natural or holistic approach to horsemanship creates a trust based connection with your equine partner that will then lead to better communication which in return will lead to better results in whatever discipline you might want to pursue. It’s the foundation for a strong and resilient bond with your horse.

Horseback Rides

Explore the beautiful Cle Elum forests and landscape on horseback! Our natural horsemanship trained horses know the area well, so you can enjoy a magical and relaxing ride.

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Meet the Horses

Our horses are beautiful and gentle animals, and we are passionate about their care. They live in a herd together, where they can interact naturally with each other most of the day. We have a relationship with all of them, and they are as unique as humans.

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